Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Soft Answer



The toddler in our home struggles with controlling his anger. Disappointment, loss, and frustration mar his life at such a young age. Maybe all of us, if we were honest, would attest to some of that in our own life. As adults, we hold tools to deal with unsettling moments. How do you teach a young child that? As foster parents, my husband and I are limited in the discipline we can utilize. At times, we are at our wits end to know how to control this little one.

Then it hit me.

A soft answer turns away wrath.

Of course, God would give us just what we need for life. (He told us that too.) Why did it take so long to pull that from the recesses of my mind?

So, I tried it. Mind you, it is not an easy thing to speak softly and gently with authority in addition to rendering consequences for behavior. Parenting on purpose is not always convenient. My sinful nature would enjoy yelling back to get MY point across. An angry child gets me angry. Yet, when I started to speak softly, my emotions stayed in check with the Holy Spirit's power. My toddler's piercing yell lowered to a whimper and his feet and arms were quiet as he sat on my lap.

My toddler's sinful nature ensures that this battle is long from over. I need God's help to respond with a gentle, quiet spirit when things get heated with any of my kids. I am praying that God will get hold of this little life, heal and transform his heart, and use his determination and drive for good and God's purpose.

I would love to hear how you deal with angry children in your home.

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