Tuesday, June 22, 2010


holy experience

So many of these thoughts can be written as posts in themselves. Maybe they will make their way from my head and heart to words on a screen. I hope so. God has truly blessed me. For now, I will continue the challenge of keeping this weekly list of multitude blessings, both large and small, that God places in my life.


Family hikes in the woods

Young deer chasing each other through the brush

Swimming children

Natural rock slides

A husband who fathers our children intentionally

Play dates

Lunch with Mom

Finding a new bathing suit after trying on only one (that is truly a miracle)

Twenty years of being happily married

Movie nights

Chinese for dinner

Grandparents who take all four kids camping for a week

Cell phone to call my kids when I miss them

Lazy mornings


Teresa Dawn said...

Great post and pictures :) The rock slide looks like fun :) I've learned from reading blogs that I'm the last person on earth that hasn't invested in a cellphone ever haha.

Jodi said...

Twenty years! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I love the rock slide. Looks like you were all having so much fun cooling off! Hope you're enjoying your summer:)