Monday, April 26, 2010


holy experience

Today is a good day to focus on gratitude. I need a perspective change. It's Monday. It's raining. We have 4 ½ weeks of school left, so it is hard to keep the kids focused. So . . . here goes.


  • Green grass is growing in my yard.
  • There are three kids in my kitchen working together.
  • Rain held off, so I could garage sale with my two oldest on Saturday.
  • My church is orderly, God-honoring, friendly, and responsible.
  • My parents are coming home today from a cruise. They enjoy being together.
  • I found a bucket of free toys on Saturday. My kids are having a blast designing a roller coaster with Kinex. They have even used the words kinetic and potential
    energy, force, and gravity.
  • Friends came over for dinner on Saturday. Grilled burgers and mac-and-cheese are always a hit.
  • I can listen and learn from my husband who teaches Sunday School at our church.
  • My high school alma mater placed second in a national acapella competition in NYC this past weekend. They presented an awesome, God-honoring performance.
  • My kids learned a new game and met knew friends at a family game night at Barnes & Noble.


Mominin said...

I enjoyed reading your list. God's blessings surround us, don't they?

Trisha said...

Yay for the green grass! We finally enjoyed our first Spring walk where we are in the Southwest, and I love trying to find bits of green amidst the desert brown. Aren't Knex great? My children enjoying building some amazing things with them. And how blessed you are to have the gift of parents who love being together. Praising God with you for His abundant blessings. :)