Monday, April 19, 2010


I happened upon this site that blessed my heart.

holy experience

Gratitude is an art left sadly undone in my life too often. If practiced regularly, gratitude softens hearts, brightens moments, changes perspective, and alters attitudes. Why then do I focus on the negative and what I don't have?

I have practiced Thankful Thursdays in the past and have been blessed by taking the time to thank. This challenge encourages me to develop over time a gratitude list of 1000 graces
that I can identify in both the
and big things of life. Be blessed in your life as you purposely list the many ways that God graces your life each day.
Join me and others as we develop this attitude of gratitude.


  • Messy kitchens = imaginative kids
  • Cut flowers = my husband thought of me and thinks I am special
  • My laptop = I don't have to fight with the rest of the family for computer time
  • Fingerprints on the door frame = my son is active and growing
  • Yearly physicals = chance to meet a doctor who has also adopted two children
  • Playgrounds = my little one can play while I talk with a friend
  • Kid friendly coffee houses = I could read books to my little one while I enjoyed a hot tea
  • Homeschool friendly Christian school = my kids are welcome
  • Garage sales = I could bless my kids with some fun "new" clothes
  • Reliable mechanics = my hubby's car can get fixed quickly and correctly


Mary B said...

Welcome to the community! Everything you said about gratitude is so true. If you haven't spent much time on Ann's blog...she will bless your heart! Thanks so much for sharing.

Jodi said...

Gratitude is so crucial to survival. It truly does help one's mood to realize how much we have to be thankful for. I enjoyed reading yours :)

He & Me + 3 said...

That is a wonderful list. I love how you did the = Finger prints and messy kitchen does mean that the kids are having fun and are being kids. I love that.