Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Or tea. Hot chocolate maybe (with whipped cream, of course.) Let's throw in a huge cookie and a bag of Swedish Fish. My kids and I enjoyed these goodies with a friend of mine and her kids at the Treehouse last week.

I "met" Jodi on a homeschooling site and have kept in touch via Facebook and blogging. At the time, she was in Arkansas, but she has since returned to the wonderful state of New Jersey. She is a self-proclaimed Jersey Girl. As I also have grown up in the Garden State, we became fast friends. She likes to go down the shore, knows what soda is, and is able to maneuver her vehicle around a circle (after she has turned around at the jug handle.)

Jodi is a fellow homeschooler. We have been able to share ideas, vent frustrations, celebrate joys, and pray for one another. She hosts two blogs: one for her family and one specifically for homeschooling ideas. If you want to see well written, informative reviews of educational products, hop over and check out her blog.

We had a great time sharing over a cup of tea. I couldn't believe that three hours had passed so quickly. Of course, that left us both scrambling for dinner - a small price to pay for good fellowship. Our kids are close in age, so they were able to share among themselves. The boys especially enjoyed being together as they are both the lone guy in the midst of a bunch of girls.

It is amazing how blogging has affected our culture. I had never met Jodi or her children in person before last week, yet as we walked into the Treehouse, there was an instant recognition, hugs, and never a lack of conversation. We already knew much about each other. However, we did have to introduce our children by their given names rather than their blog names.

Jodi is a great encouragement. She understands along with me how tough it is sometimes to educate our kids at home. Yet, she also shares the blessings that teaching your kids can bring.

We are doing something new this May. Neither of us has been to a homeschool convention, so we are heading up north a bit to a day of seminars, sales, and sharing with other homeschoolers in New Jersey. I am so looking forward to the time away for the day. Just being able to talk in the car without a little one interrupting is a blessing in itself. I am sure you will hear all about it on our blogs when we return.

I am so thankful for my new friendship with Jodi and her family. It is always a treat to share with other moms. Being able to connect with others who share their love for their Savior is an added blessing.


Jodi said...

I am so thankful for our friendship too. You are such a blessing to me, and I really do believe God brought us together. Thank you, loved your post. I can't wait till May!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love Jodi. She is one of my sweetest bloggy friends. So cool that you all got to meet.