Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom

I decided to repost from last year. Thank you, Mom, for always being there. I could not have made it through this last year without you.

My precious mom had a birthday today. I thank God for the multitude of memories we have shared. She chose to stay at home with us instead of working out of the home. Sacrifice is an understatement. We had little, but that was ok and we didn't mind. She makes things work. If God is in it, it is always a good thing.

My mom loves God and enjoys being a wife and mother to her family. There are ten grandkids now who call her Nana. My family has the blessing of visiting with her every day. During those moments they share silly stuff, life lessons, and of course pretzels. And, if we stay for lunch anytime, that is the best in my kids' minds.

I am still finding out more about my mom even as an adult with four children of my own. I enjoy times to sit with a cup of tea and chat about most anything: church, family, politics, education, food, whatever.

My mom is beautiful - even in a flannel coat and slippers. We talk about wrinkles and sags, yet in the scheme of things, those have no importance. They show years of life lived: laughter, tears, adventure, crisis, and love.

Many say that I look like my mom. I hope so. We are different women, but the similarities are a blessing.

Birthdays come and go. As we get older, they seem to come even more frequently. My mom never really minds the birthdays as they are simply another chance to celebrate the life that God has given her. I like that perspective.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Bradley said...

I enjoyed reading your tribute to your mom. My mom's birthday is the 14th - forgot they were so close. It's neat as we grow older how our relationship with our mothers changes and grows sweeter in so many ways. Beth