Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Washington D.C.

Our country has many faults, but I still say it is the best country in the world. This past weekend my family and I spend two days in the capital city walking for miles, observing the history of flight, discussing the branches of government, viewing amazing architecture, remembering men who by God's grace established this country, and feeling for the many who lost so much to defend this great land.

One could help not only be patriotic no matter what side of the aisle you sat, but also see the fingerprints of God. I am saddened to see how God has been cast aside in the decision-making in our country.

I treasured the opportunity to share with my kids the wonderful history that we enjoy in our country. It was a trip well worth the effort.

I, of course, took too many pictures to share here. For a more detailed blog of our trip, visit my daughter's site. She has done a great job.


Jodi said...

I haven't been to DC in forever! I love the pictures. What an enjoyment that must have been to share all that with your children!

Anonymous said...

That was super tiring and fun Iguise