Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Night at the Union League

My hubby and I had the privilege of attending an evening of stimulating and encouraging conversation. The Union League in Philadelphia, a beautiful building rich with its own history, hosted three talk radio hosts: William Bennett, Michael Medved, and Hugh Hewitt. These three represent a strong, politically conservative, moral demographic. Approximately seven hundred of us of like mind joined to listen as they shared their opinions and explanation of the first 100 days of Obama. These men were challenging and concerned on many points, yet positive and affirming on others. God has placed President Obama in office. We may not agree with his politics, yet we need to respect his authority.

Living in a rather liberal state, I find myself feeling on an island of my own politics and belief system. I felt a sense of encouragement as the room was filled with others with the same thinking as I. I know that differences encourage thought and challenge us in a good way, so I am not saying that being with others who think your way all the time is a good thing – only that once in a while it is encouraging.

My hubby, having a political science degree, was in his glory. I loved watching him smile and nod in agreement throughout the evening. It was fun to do this together. My sweetie challenges me and encourages me to think. He often shows me an article that he has read, shares with me what his is reading, or even hands me something to read. My profession is teaching children, mine in particular. I do not often take the chance to read or watch the news, and only in the car do I have the slightest opportunity to listen to talk radio. I am thankful for my husband who helps me keep in touch with life outside school.

My politics do not define me; God's word defines me. When politics and morality go against God's principles, I have a problem. The evening I spent with my hubby focused on political thought that matches up with God's principles of life, marriage, and money.

I may never again have the opportunity to listen in on a radio talk show, share dinner with these hosts, or be challenged by their panel discussion. However, I am thankful for this special evening I could share with my husband.


He And Me + 3 said...

How neat for you. You and hubby look so gorgeous all dressed up. just beautiful. so glad you had some time with just hubs.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time.