Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

I am guilty. Very guilty.

Isn't that what Easter is really all about?

My guilt translates to the need for a sacrifice.

I admit that I really don't get it.

God chose to save me when I was six years old, and I will be forever grateful. He saved me from sin's power in my life and promised a home with Him in heaven.

Today's celebration of my Savior's conquering of death on the cross and His shake at death as He walked out of the tomb is a reminder of a living, powerful God working in the hearts and lives of people today as He did when He walked and talked here on earth.

The Resurrection means something.

It is not just a holiday to celebrate, but celebrate I must.

Celebrate we did – not in the boisterous partying, but in sharing the awesomeness of the cross with my kids.

We did enjoy a quiet morning.

I had the privilege of reading a few books and then finding some treasures in Scripture about the Easter story that wowed my son. (Did you remember that when Christ died, many believers who had died were raised from the dead to walk the earth with their families again?)

I celebrated with my kids as they beautifully decorated the kitchen table for our breakfast together. My son even made a sign – "He is Risen" . They found candles and some empty plastic eggs. Significant kid stuff to help us all celebrate.

In worship with other believers at church, I was again reminded to celebrate what Christ has done for me. I was blessed to hear of a few who chose to wake up to the truth of the cross and resurrection in their own lives. Those people can now celebrate like never before.

Our day continued with family and time to celebrate the blessing of Christ in our lives.

Thank God that he saw my guilt and made a way to cover it. The cross was God's plan from the beginning of time. I am part of that plan in some strange way. God loves me and He loves you, and because of that love He died, rose again, and lives today. Celebrate with me.


He And Me + 3 said...

So glad your Easter was blessed...I am so thankful for His Sacrifice for me and His Resurrection. We are forgiven!

Jodi said...

Celebrating with you! Sounds like you had a very blessed Easter!

Laura said...

Great job mom