Monday, March 16, 2009

God Works

Be encouraged. God is still working today. I spent this past weekend watching just that.

God showed me Himself in a fresh way which is what I was asking Him to do. I felt the prayers of many as I placed myself in a potentially uncomfortable environment.

During a weekend retreat, we ladies were challenged to have a quiet time with our Lord. I ventured back to the silence of my room, opened my Bible and was wowed. Isaiah 43 jumped off the page. I realize that the audience is Isaiah and the transfer is not direct, however, these verses time and again prove God's power and position as the only true God who has authority over all. That all included my life today.

Our family is changing where we worship and that has made some unhappy. We however, are convinced with God's leading over the past year. Verse 19 refers to a new thing the God was going to do in Isaiah's life. God is going to do a new thing in our lives as well. God wants me to watch Him do it. He states to Isaiah, "Do you not perceive it?"

I am excited to watch God work in my life, in my kids' lives, and in the lives of the new people that He will bring into my path. He showed me again that even though things can get uncomfortable and downright frustrating, unnerving and angering, He is always there working out everything for His glory if I let Him.


He And Me + 3 said... cool to see God working in your lives. I love when that happens right before our very own eyes. Beautiful!

Green Acres said...

How wonderful to see Him in all you think and do! Great post!