Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flying Time

My oldest celebrated her 15th birthday in January. She is a blessing in my life. There is something about your firstborn that is both intriguing and scary. Fifteen years ago seem as a flash of time, yet so much has changed. I remember our first moments together, seeing her tiny body, watching her wrap her little hand around her daddy's finger. Now I view a young woman who is maturing not only physically, but also spiritually and relationally. Writing a list seems like something I would do, so here goes my attempt at grasping a glimpse of her life.

  1. I call her angel.
  2. She loves God with a passion.
  3. Missions is planted in her heart.
  4. School is hard for her, yet she works hard to do her best.
  5. A friend was overheard stating that the science fair day at school was the day Laura looks forward to all year.
  6. Large gatherings in general do not appeal to her, but give her a large family and she is comfortable.
  7. Soccer is her game, and she is awesome at it.
  8. She is a good writer.
  9. Homeschooling fits her well.
  10. My guess is her favorite vacations have something to do with getting dirty and being able to explore.
  11. Although she avoids eating most vegetables, she harvested a mean vegetable garden last year and plans on expanding it this year.
  12. Her favorite color is anything that is not pink or purple.
  13. At the moment she is the only one in the family with a valid passport.
  14. She learned how to play the guitar and is trying to find places to share her talent in worship.
  15. She shared her room with a Korean friend from school. That took guts and vulnerability. Her friend is leaving on Sat. and we are all sad.

Happy Birthday, Angel!

On a similar note, my only son turned eight today. It was a big day, for here in NJ, you have to stay in a car seat until you are eight years old or eighty pounds (somehow, I think if you are eighty pounds before you are eight, there is a problem). Needless to say, he had to wait until today to say goodbye to the booster. It was a big day for him. He commented in his new found freedom that he even felt different.

He is such a little man – our only son. My husband jokes that there is way too much estrogen built up in our home. Joking aside, my little man has developed a strong sensitivity towards others. That is a gift from God.

Again I will make an attempt at a list of some things that make up my little guy.

  1. He is often called Bud never is his given named shortened to a nickname (at least by those in our family).
  2. God has given him a mind to learn.
  3. He talks about wanting to be an OB doctor one day.
  4. He is really good at any sport he attempts, but soccer is the one he is best at. His favorite sport depends on what season we are in.
  5. He plays the piano and wants to learn how to play the guitar.
  6. Family is very important to him, but keeping his room neat is not anywhere in his thought process.
  7. He loves God and is learning how to serve others.
  8. He is a good reader, but really doesn't enjoy reading. He can, however, play Wii for hours.

I look forward to many more fun days with you, Buddy. Happy Birthday!


Green Acres said...

Happy Birthday to both of your kids! I hope they enjoyed it. :) Kids grow up too fast, huh?!

Laura said...

I eat some veggies, but can eat three apples a day without any problem. I did enjoy my birthday. Have a great day mom!