Friday, January 23, 2009

Wii Zombies

This Christmas Grandma and Grandpa surprised the kids with a Wii system. Keeping up with the Joneses is not our style, but it has been fun to join the generation of video gamers – at least at this level.

Honestly I grew up devoid of this type of entertainment. This isn't a statement of judgment but rather one of fact. Our media intake was limited, not that there was much beside limited cable and Atari and Pong. Today, our kids have many other media influences available.

My hubby just celebrated a birthday and I treated him to the MarioKart game. I have to say, he's pretty good. I don't think I will ever get out of 12th place. The kids seem to know every trick in the book. Don't ask me how – maybe reading the manual would help. It seems like sensory overload to me. Judging by these pictures, I believe that the zombie stage is imminent.

As anything in life, balance is a good thing. I see time limits on the horizon.


Mrs. Susan Bowman said...

My kids (and husband) have the same Wii stare . . . its fun to watch.

Green Acres said...

I was an "absolutely no video games in my house mom" until the Wii came out. I love the interactive games. They really are fun, and at least the Wii will get kids on their feet! They can get obsessed though, so we try to limit it. How do you like Mario Kart? My daughter has been asking to get that one.

Brooke said...

I am hoping for a Wii in the coming year. I've heard of many families using it for family fun night. Now that is something my hubby will get into!

As for the couple next to us on their first was terribly hard not to laugh esp. sitting across from a man who doesn't try to hide anything! :)

And I'll say it again, I am lost on LOST!

Ruddy said...

Is that a wii? I got to get one of those!