Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Preschooler, a Brother, and Blue Nail Polish

My hubby and I enjoyed a few quite moments out together this past Friday. On our return home, we were greeted with my oldest (the babysitter) and our four year old standing hand in hand with fear and frustration apparent in their faces. My son was already hiding in his bed. Mind you, we have left our children for this short break many times before. We have five children in our home and have had no issues to speak of – at least until that night.

Two of our older girls asked to do their toenails and I saw no problem as the girls are pretty responsible. They had a blast – different colors on each toe, fun time without a little brother to annoy them, you know – girl stuff.

Now my son and my little one thought that this would great fun for them as well. I am not sure what they were thinking as I am positive that nail polish and polish remover are things that I would not have allowed them to play with unsupervised. My guess – brain freeze.

In any case, they proceeded to have a great time . . . until their big sister found out about it. I am afraid of what all let loose in those moments. She knew Mom would not be happy and she was right.

Now we were gone for 1 ½ hours at most. I returned to messy blue toes. Not so fun. I made my way quickly upstairs to find my son who wisely didn't say much and stayed in his bed. Amazingly upon further investigation we found no damage from the polish remover (1/2 the bottle was gone – we won't go into the damage of breathing all that in – Oh my!)

All in all the evening was more of an annoyance than anything. I hadn't expected giving my little one a bath when I had gotten home.

I imagine in the big scheme of things, blue nail polish is not that big a deal. The evening ended quietly. The polish and remover were placed in safer places. Hugs and kisses exchanged. Lessons learned. Life goes on.

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Green Acres said...

Oh my! Sounds like you handled it rather calmly. I myself, probably would have freaked out! I hope you enjoyed your time out with your husband:)