Thursday, January 1, 2009

Law Offices of Schroll and Bowman

I continue to praise God for how he has worked in our lives and poured blessings into our family just because He loved us.

Bryan and Bob celebrated a milestone in their lives as they partnered to establish a law firm together. This week was the opening of the official office. Although a delay in their furniture made a work environment a little challenging, we all were thankful for how this has all come together. God has been planning this for awhile and we are all excited to take the next step in that plan.

Our kids have mixed emotions as all but one of them knows no different than having Dad working at home. However, we all know that this is the right time for him to expand his boundaries. I am sure there will be growing pains, but it is a good thing to grow.

The children in both families joined in the move as they had the job of putting together the ten office chairs. They were a great help as the men did not want to take the time from work to do the job. We only had a couple chairs that were put together backwards :) Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon the rest of the furniture will be in place.

I am confident that God will continue to work and bless. He may take us in directions that may take us into uncomfortable territory, or he may take us into really exciting places. Our God is good no matter what. We are taking a step of faith in obedience and trusting God to do the rest.


Mrs. Susan Bowman said...

I'm glad to be sharing this journey with you!

He And Me + 3 said...

What an exciting time! It looks like everyone was in great spirits today working together. How fun. Best of Blessings in 2009!