Tuesday, December 23, 2008

She Said Yes . . .

Twenty years ago.

It was a cold, rainy night in Philadelphia. My sweetie took me to dinner at Wannamakers in the city and finished the evening with a carriage ride at South Street. It was then that he "popped the question". I wish I could say that my immediate response was "Yes", however, it was "Did you ask my dad?" Actually he had and that was all part of the plan. He knew that having my father's permission was important to me. If I knew that my father had given his approval, I would be expecting a ring shortly. My sweetie wanted to surprise me and surprise me he did. In fact he had gotten the ring while we were at school in OH and kept it in his pocket the entire 9+ hour trip home for Christmas break. I had told friends that there was no way we were getting engaged over the holidays, and I was certain that it would be a spring engagement. Boy, was I wrong. Both our families knew what was going down that night and I was completely out of the loop. That night we were able to visit with both sets of parents and celebrate our engagement.

Our engagement extended 1 ½ years (which I do not recommend). We were married in June of 1990.

Twenty years seems so long ago now. I look back and can only say "wow!" God has chosen to bless our marriage and family in so many ways. I am undeserving of such lavish love. My hubby is an attorney who unfortunately has to deal with many marriages that have not stood the test of time. Our marriage takes work and is always in need of tweaking. However, twenty years ago, when I said I would marry my friend, I had no idea what blessings would lie ahead.

I am so glad that I said "yes".


Coach Bryan said...

I am very glad you said yes.

Your husband - Bryan

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Green Acres said...

That is really sweet. My sweet husband asked my dad first too. I loved that.