Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby Fix

I love babies.
God has blessed me with four treasures in my own children.
In another life I would have lots more.
Practically speaking, I knew I had to stop somewhere.
However, my husband and I know that in some shape or form we will have kids in our home for many years.
I am not sure how God will work that out - foster, foreign host, adopt?
In the meantime, I can enjoy the sweet smell of newborns and the joy that they bring to families that I am close to.
This tiny, newborn boy I visited today was precious as I held him close and spoke softly to comfort his squirmy cries.
Before I left I placed him in the arms of his new father, who is beginning to realize what a huge responsibility came with this blessing.
I got my baby fix and left to share the rest of the afternoon with the children God has already placed in my home.
I thank God for babies. They are not inconveniences, accidents, or excuses. They change our lives, warm our hearts, stretch our faith, bring us joy and bring us to our knees.
Christmas is a great time to be reminded of the preciousness of babies as we contemplate the baby that God placed in a manger.
This little one's earthly mom and dad must have been blown away at the awesomeness of God in that little baby. I am sure Mary held Jesus closely and calmed his fussiness with the gentleness and cautiousness of a new mom.
I always tell new moms to enjoy every minute because their little ones grow up too fast. What was going through Mary's mind - Jesus, don't grow up too fast? She knew what was his destiny as the Son of God. How much more precious was each moment with her son.
I think I need a Christmas baby fix. God, give me a fresh look at the babe in the manger.
Show me again the awesomeness and purpose in your plan.

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He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful post! Loved it!