Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just an Idea

Hey moms (and dads)! I thought I would take the time to share something that we as a family have tried lately. As Christian parents we are instructed in God's Word to teach our children whenever we have the chance. Life gets busy and teachable moments are often missed. You know . . . the tyranny of the urgent. We have taken the opportunity during our Sunday meal after church to talk to the kids about what they have been learning in their classes. This not only keeps us up to date with the content of what they are learning, but it also helps keep an ear to who is in their classes and what God is teaching them. Many times we are able to piggy back on their lesson and extend it with additional questions. Here's where it can get fun. We often throw out challenges. They usually come in the form of questions regarding one of our lessons (Bryan and I also share what we are learning). One week we challenged them to find what part of the Bible mentioned the following people all in the same chapter: Abraham, Moses, David, Rahab, and Samson. My oldest found this one pretty easily, but the others took some time. They are allowed to use the computer and concordances as resources, but they must show us in the Bible where they got their answer. Gotta go back to the source of truth!! Obviously we have mostly readers in our home. We address is differently with our little one. This is not an every week occurrence, but has been a fun way to learn in our home. We have given $.25 incentives – not that that really means much. Make it fit your family. Our kids seem to enjoy the hunt. I welcome your comments on anything you have found to work in your family that helps you parent Biblically.

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